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Ankle Surgery

Monday, September 10, 2007
My husband had an appointment today (yes, on his 26th birthday) to talk to his doctor about his ankle. He's been having problems with it for years now.

His last MRI showed an 11x10x5 MM chunk missing in his ankle. The tissue is gone and the bone is simply rubbing up against each other every time he moves it. One of the bones is also pulling something else in his foot when he takes a step (sorry, I'm not a doctor and don't know the proper terminology for that lol). His doctor said "There are only 3 reasons why a person would need this surgery...and you have them all". <- Fabulous.

On Monday, Joe has to make an appointment for the actual surgery. The doctor said that it would be "sometime in the next month". After the surgery is done, he will have 21-36 days for recovery - it depends on how much they give him. He now has a 3 month profile, forbidding him from doing anything in PT that requires walking (which is funny, since walking was pretty much the only thing he had left that he was allowed to do).

It scares me that my husband is 26 years old and already beginning to undergo surgeries. He has a lot of physical issues - a lot of which are simply genetic and others are from wear and tear being in the Army for six years. But what's going to happen when he's 30? 40? 50!? :(

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