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Britney's Less Than Awesome Performance

Monday, September 10, 2007
I'm sure this is the big buzz all over. I honestly didn't catch this last night. I so rarely watch TV that doesn't involve Elmo, Blue Clues or Peter Pan these days. I didn't even know the VMAs were on (wow I'm behind).

So this morning, I caught the video of Britney's performance and I have to say..she sucked. If you missed this, take the time to watch it. Check it out HERE.

No one will deny that Britney has changed drastically over the years. I remember being 12 years old (wow.. was that already 10 years ago!?) and my dad buying me her CD "Baby One More Time". Britney's lyrics and dance moves were both energetic and fresh. She was the idol for many, many prepubescent girls. We all wanted to be like her. We all wanted to dance like her. We all wanted to look that cute in a sports bra and piggy tails!

Fast forward to 2007... I've got better dance moves than Britney and I sure as heck can lip sync better than that! What happened? I'll admit, for having two kids, she looked fabulous (minus the fact that she's a mom, prancing around in her underwear on stage). But Britney walked around the stage, slowly moving her mouth. She did a couple of little wiggles and that was about it. Was she afraid of losing her wig?

Does she just no longer care? She got millions of loyal fans who probably wouldn't care if she just sat still on stage breathing for an hour, so long as they got to see her. But come on..at least pretend like you care about your fans and give them a show worth seeing.

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