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Goodbye MySpace

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Earlier in the week, one of my MySpace accounts was deleted - specifically, the one I use to make FREE layouts, FREE graphics, chat in a few groups (related to parenting, military wives, etc). Needless to say, I was not amused. I put a lot of work into that account and a lot of people were subscribed to the blogs, stayed informed on my personal life, as well as the store stuff. It was working out great, and I wasn't doing anything different from many other CafePress stores out there.

After it was deleted, I came to Blogger and began blogging. This is really a better source anyways. Google prefers it's own stuff, right? No big deal. It's just a MySpace and I'll live.

This afternoon, one of my personal accounts was deleted. This time, for making a post in a group, joking about how I had someone's phone number. I got the phone number because the girl had posted it all over the internet - in blogs as well as bulletins. Anyone could have seen it as both her account as well as blogs were set to public. But I was reported, and the group it was in even got deleted.

I lost blogs about my daughter's entire life. I had started that account when she wasn't even three weeks old. I'd deserted my old account, frustrated with my mom calling me to complain about things I'd said when my profile and blog were friend only. But that's neither here no there. I've been a down right religious blogger since I started using MySpace in December 2004. My entire life existed on two accounts. My "old" account had everything about my life in the past that I probably don't want to remember. It also had my entire life since I met my husband as well as my pregnancy with Hailey.

I feel like I lost my daughter's entire life. I know, that's really silly. But I had hoped to print a lot of it out one day and keep a collection of it. So much for that idea and so much for what could have been the most awesome keepsake ever.

And while this isn't as important to me.. I also ran SIX different MySpace groups ranging from baby wearing, to tattooed parents and stay at home moms. Those are all gone now. While some were more active than others, I've already started to get lots of emails, upset that the groups so many people enjoyed are gone.

I'm a bit flustered. There is a huge part of me that wants to jump back in and rebuild because I am apart of a large parenting community on MySpace that I have been apart of for almost 3 years now. I feel a little bit lost without it honestly. But I'm very frustrated and rather wary of even trying. It seems like anything I do lately lands me deleted - from asking friends to check out my store, to joking around with friends in groups.

I literally cried earlier. I know.. it's MySpace and not worth crying over. But the blogs...all of the pictures set up of my daughter throughout her life. Some of those pictures, I don't even have anymore because they got lost, but I still had them on my MySpace. They are lost for good now.

I'm instead using Zooped.com since it specifically allows business accounts. It's just like MySpace, only it's kinda slow because it's still sorta new. We'll see how that pans out.
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