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Google Is Starting To Like Us!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thanks to some halfway decent search engine optimization on my part, and some excellent website crawling by the beloved Google, the store has finally climbed up in the search ranks! This excites me! I finally feel like I did something right and that my hard work is starting to pay off.

This makes me REALLY excited for the coming months when the holiday sales begin to pick up, and shoppers go out in search of that perfect gift for the person who has everything. Let's face it.. the person who has everything, probably doesn't have one of my shirts yet!

I'd like to thank the viewers who have been searching for World of Warcraft shirts recently. You brought this wonderful news to my attention (well, you and Google Analytics). This inspires me to create more WoW inspired designs!

world of warcraft baby onesies and shirts
wow epic cloth shirt

Those two searches have helped bring us to the top of the lists! And we're excited to be there! Help keep us there by telling your friends and family about us! Blog about us..write emails, tell people on MySpace..anything you can! We'll be forever grateful! :)

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