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Hailey's Sippy Cup Adventures

Monday, September 3, 2007
I'd really like to have my daughter weaned from bottles completely a few months after her first birthday - at the latest. I'm trying to introduce sippy cups now to get her used to the idea.

We started off with a regular Nuby sippy cup - the kind with the very soft spout. She seemed to drink from it okay, but unable to hold it well. Hailey has never really been into holding objects like bottles, so I suppose it should come as no surprise that she's not really into holding a sippy cup.

I had no idea that Nuby made the same sippy cup with handles. Had I known, I would have gotten one of those to begin with. They caught my eye last night in Walmart, and Hailey ended up with one. I decided to test it out on her this morning, using some very water-diluted apple juice.

She still seems to think the idea is weird - and that's probably because we don't do much of juice. Even the most watered down juice seems to give her horrible diaper rash (the only thing in fact, that she's had any sort of reaction to as far as food and beverages is concerned). She tried holding the cup, but was more interested in poking the spout with her little finger and examining the cup itself. She'll probably do that for a few days before she takes to it. She did the same thing after weaning from breast feeding and starting solids.

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