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Store Views & Halloween

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
The store was, for lack of better terms... NUTS last night! I have never had so many people in the store at once. It was unbelievable, and incredibly exciting! I'm not sure what drove them all there since it seemed like everyone was on a different page in the store - Halloween, Internet Humor, and the Kids & Babies sections, seemed to be the most popular.

Speaking of Halloween and Kids.. I am SO excited that Halloween is coming up. This will be my daughter's very first! She's still way too young to really do anything and we won't be going out Trick or Treating. I'm pretty sure we'll be staying home and handing out candy to the other neighborhood children. I'll definitely dress Hailey up tho! She's going to be a little lady bug (we call her Hailey Bug all the time).

If this is your child's first Halloween and you don't want to go the costume route, you should check out my Halloween shirt for the kids.

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