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They Really Are Nosey!

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Didn't I write a post just the other day about store owners being nosey and not minding their own business? Apparently it's more true than I thought.

I use a little box in my store called a "CBox" that's basically a small chat box where I can post updates and people can ask questions. Things were GREAT with it and I had no problem until recently. I won't name names.. but their is a store (it's ALWAYS a military niche store..go figure) who won't stay off of my CBox.

First she wrote a snotty comment on it about how you could "find my Christmas cards at Walmart". I deleted the message because it was snotty and negative. Next she wrote about how she was "so glad my stuff my original and couldn't be found at the local dollar store" and was quite negative and sarcastic. It was the SAME IP address and I simply deleted it yet again.

Now today, she has used her REAL name, using the name of her store and making negative comments and even using MY name (I use "Kimi" when making posts in my CBox) basically talking crap as if I'm being rude to her. Come on! Seriously.. STOP. If you have a problem with my store, email me directly. It's SO easy to get hold of me. There is no need to be so damn immature.

No, you can't find my cards in Walmart. I wish.. because I'd be making a heck of a lot more money. No, my layout isn't someone else's. I made it myself - obviously. If you took the time to go through every page - including my own website, you'd see it all matches and I coded it all myself. And the girl in question shouldn't even dare ask such a thing... she and FIVE other military niche stores are using the SAME layout!!! Get over yourself.

Why is it always the military niche stores that give me problems? I don't know you and in all likely hood, I don't like you. I don't have a military store. I'm absolutely no competition for you. I haven't gone digging in your store or left snotty comments towards you or your stuff. I've never spoken to you. I've never said anything bad about you or to you. So why then have you targeted my store and why are you leaving me rotten comments daily and even trying to impersonate me!? It's childish and stupid. Leave me and my store alone.

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