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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm always looking for more ways to network and get the word out about my store. I came across Yuwie.com about a month ago, but didn't really look into it much. I'm not sure how much I'll use it since I'm such a MySpace addict, but it looks promising!

Basically, it's like MySpace, but you get paid for referring people as well as for using the site. I'll be honest... yes, if you join, I'm going to make money. But hey.. you'll make money if a friend joins under you too! You can listen to the little guy chat about all of this by going HERE. He explains everything, from payment to when you get paid..what for and everything you need to know.

I'm excited about it.. and you should be too dangit! I'm always looking for ways to make even a little bit of money. Who knows.. maybe you only make $10/month but it's $10 ya didn't have, right? lol So Sign Up and then tell your friends. Who knows.. we may all make some decent money together. :)

What can you do with Yuwie? Well like I said.. it's pretty much just like MySpace. You have a profile, pictures, blogs and even groups too (although I'll be honest and say that I prefer MySpace for groups, but that's just personal preference). You can leave comments for friends, chat with people through mail, join clubs, etc. You can customize your profile and everything too!

You can check out my Yuwie profile at www.yuwie.com/kimiskustoms if you are interested.

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