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Booty Bay Bait and Tackle World of Warcraft Shirt!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

This design is fueled by my husband's love of fishing on World of Warcraft. He drives me absolutely insane with it and fusses at me to level my fishing (and I think fishing is so boring lol).

He loves fishing on the game so much, that he had to have the special fishing chair so he could sit in it and fish on the game. He fishes all the dang time. Every Sunday, he has to participate in the fishing tournament in Booty Bay. He's 512 fishing with all of his specialized fishing gear on. Yes.. he's obsessed!

I like this shirt. The little fish is cute! I especially like it on the shirt type shown to the right. I think it flows well with the color. It's offered on all of the shirts and many of the gifts like tote bags, magnets, buttons, mini buttons, tile coasters and much more. Definitely check it out HERE!

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