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Huey Pro

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My husband purchased me a Huey Pro earlier in the week and I just installed it. Purpose being, to make my graphics for my shirts more true to life on the screen so they can come out even better in print on the shirts you buy!

I like it. It'll take some getting used to because some of my colors (like white) are much more bright, while other hues now appear more rich in depth. But it's amazing the difference already! The shirts still look good, just aren't quite the color I thought they were. My monitor obviously wasn't calibrated correctly - few are.

I don't know how much it'll really help, but so far I like it. It's making graphics far more legible! I just have to re-calibrate my monitor once a month or so. I'll probably do it more often. My computer gets A LOT of use!

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