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Sexy Frostitute Shirt For Mages!

Sunday, October 7, 2007
Sexy Frostitue Mage World of Warcraft ShirtI have to say, I'm in love with this shirt. While my main on World of Warcraft is a level 70 Feral (DPS) Druid, I'm quickly falling in love with my little Mage. I enjoy freezing stuff down and blowing it up!

Of course I had to make a bit of a joke... and this shirt just says it all. Mages are known for being Water, Food and Portal vendors and really, Mages are so useful, they really are worth more gold than you could farm (unless of course, you do the dailies every dang day lol).

This shirt would work well for both men and women. It is slightly feminine, but hey.. we like sensitive guys who play WoW! The design is offered on lots of other products as well: coffee mugs for those all nighters, mouse pads so you can enjoy it while you play, stickers for your car or maybe a school notebook, throw pillows so you can dream of playing your Mage while you're sleeping, and odds n' ends like buttons, magnets, etc!

Definitely check out this design, as well as our other World of Warcaft Designs in our store.

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