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IMVU 3D Chat World

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Just a few days ago, I joined a 3D chatting online community called IMVU. I have to say.. I LOVE IT! It's sort of like mixing the SIMS with a regular IM program. You can dress up in different outfits, change your hair and look and you get to chat with people.

The best part is, I'm having fun and it's helping me promote the store. Tomorrow I will be purchasing my avatar's name and I will begin making customized clothes for the "game" featuring some of the designs you see in my store. So if you love my designs and can't afford to buy them.. why not check out IMVU and wear them there!?

I've met some really cool people. I was a bit concerned that I would run into nothing but weird perverts or 12 and 13 year olds cybering.. but I have been pleasantly suprised. Most of the people I have chatted with have been 25-40. And it's been really nice to chat with them about stuff other than baby poop or Britney Spears.. lol I chatted about politics, movies, music, World of Warcraft, Art, MySpace.. lots of things that I am interested in.

Check it out and have some fun. You can earn points the first 4 days just by chatting. Then you can spend it on cool clothes, furniture and other cool accessories! Sign up HERE and I will gain some points myself for inviting a friend! And be sure to look me up and chat with me! :)

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