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Stand Alone Site - Completed!

Monday, September 10, 2007
Finally, after hours upon hours of hard work, I have completed the stand alone site www.kimiskustoms.com! It was an amazing amount of work. I've never done a full website before and I have to say, all of the FTP, SQL, SOB, SHOL, Blah Blah Blah was incredibly confusing for me. I've never gone to school for this sort of thing so the acronyms and terminology really threw me off. Like my friend Chris says, nerds like to use big words and flashy acronyms to look cool and smart. Well, they certainly got me stumped for a while.

It feels really good to have all of it done, and I think it looks pretty nice. I tried to incorporate the design into both the store and the stand alone site so people don't even realize they are going from one place to another. I think it flows well. Of course, my opinion doesn't really matter. We'll have to see what the customers (and Google!) think of it. Ha!

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