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Monday, September 3, 2007
I'm super excited to see how many other CafePress stores are suddenly linking my products. I use Google Analytics and have been noticing a little more traffic lately. Upon digging through my reports, I notice that there are a few stores linking to my stuff (BIG stores, who I never thought would use my designs for affiliate linking). I'm not sure why they chose me, but that's great! I hope we both make money off of it. :)

If you are interested in become a Kimi's Kustoms Affiliate, follow these steps!


1. Bookmark Kimi's Kustoms so you can find your way back easily.

2. Follow this link and review the agreement terms --> Publisher Sign Up.

3. Fill Out the online application.

4. Wait for Commission Junction to send you a confirmation email.

5. Head to www.cj.com and log in (the log in area is to you top right.

6. Click on "Account" then "Web site Settings" and copy your PID number for your website. (it will be located beneath "name")

7. If there are no listed websites, click 'Add A New Web Site', fill out the information for the site that will be displaying the banner advertising (such as your personal website). A New PID number will be issued to you. Once you retreive the PID number write it down somwhere some you won't lose it.

8. Come back to Kimi's Kustoms and select your favorite banner to place wherever you'd like where advertising is allowed! Note: Replace the “XXXXXXX” with your pid number.

9. Enjoy your commission!

Choose a Banner Style:

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